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X-Ray Room

This is concrete walled with lead lined doors making it a radiation-proofed room.  It is equipped with a high power x-ray machine that performs very accurate exposures with the minimum amount of radiation required.

We have upgraded our X-ray facilities to a digital system so that much clearer images can be generated on a HD computer screen. This has increased image quality and shortened the time required to take the x-rays which are often done under general anesthetic. Shortening the anesthetic time means your pet is awake faster and ready to go home sooner. Speed of producing X-ray images also helps in an emergency situation.

A digital system also means we can email the images when necessary to specialist radiology centers for further comment or advice on rare or unusual cases.


John Hankinson Vets

9 Shardeloes Road New Cross London SE14 6NZ

0208 692 3030