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Dental Facilities

Dental Radiography and Surgery

Dental operations are carried out in a dedicated area away from the operating theatre. This is because of the bacteria found in the mouth. The dental equipment available includes high speed dental drills, bars and cutting instruments for extractions and an ultrasonic scaler for removing tartar as well as an enamel polishing unit.

Dental radiography has been added in 2016.  Dental pain often goes unnoticed and can be difficult to spot. Taking X-rays greatly increases the accuracy of finding sources of pain and problems in teeth and surrounding jaw bone that could otherwise be missed.  This equipment is more commonly found in specialist veterinary dental clinics and hospitals so we are very proud of our investment in this facility as we see daily benefits in speed and accuracy of our dental procedures for our patients.

We are happy to take referrals from other clinics requiring dental radiography.

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9 Shardeloes Road New Cross London SE14 6NZ

0208 692 3030