John Hankinson

Position: Clinical Director

Qualifications: BVSc (Hons) MRCVS

I have recently overseen the biggest change since I first took over the Practice as Clinical Manager with my decision to fund the major extension to our pre-existing single-storey building.  This has allowed us to have a more comfortable working environment and provided the space to house more diagnostic medical equipment.

All my staff are provided with on-going training to keep abreast of new medical and surgical advances. This is so that I can offer the best up-to-date service for all pets and their owners. I believe that, together with our visiting veterinary experts and my own personal experience and knowledge spanning over 35 years, I can lead my in-house team to provide a centre of veterinary excellence of a premium standard.

As most of you already know, I am Australian, graduating from Sydney University before moving to the UK to work as a locum vet, and eventually settling here in New Cross at my present clinic. When I'm not at work I like to spend time with my wife, children, pets, extended family and friends, I love music and I enjoy playing guitar, skiing and cricket.