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John Hankinson Vet





There are strict measures in place for visiting the Clinic at the moment. Please telephone the Clinic if your pet needs to be seen and you will be allocated a time to arrive at the gate. We are not taking bookings for routine appointments at this time but are available for emergencies during our opening hours. You will have a consultation remotely, either on the telephone or Skype or equivalent, your pet will be admitted into the Clinic for treatment and you will need to remain outside the gates until your pet is returned to you. Please do not be upset by this, these measures are in place to safeguard you, your loved ones and us and ours! It will also hopefully allow us to continue to provide animal care throughout the isolation period as it continues. Thank you for your continuing support.

John Hankinson Vets

9 Shardeloes Road New Cross London SE14 6NZ

0208 692 3030