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There are strict measures in place for visiting the Clinic at the moment. Please telephone the Clinic if your pet needs to be seen and you will be allocated a time to arrive at the gate. We are not taking bookings for routine appointments at this time but are available for emergencies during our opening hours. You will have a consultation remotely, either on the telephone or Skype or equivalent, your pet will be admitted into the Clinic for treatment and you will need to remain outside the gates until your pet is returned to you. Please do not be upset by this, these measures are in place to safeguard you, your loved ones and us and ours! It will also hopefully allow us to continue to provide animal care throughout the isolation period as it continues. Thank you for your continuing support.


22 May 2020

As many of you already know, I sold the John Hankinson Veterinary Clinic to Medivet in 2018 to ensure the continuation of veterinary services when the time came for me to take a step back.

That time is now here and after 28 years of what I hope has been a valuable service at Shardeloes Road, I will be finishing at the end of this month.

Having just turned 60, I am taking stock of life and feel that the time is right to catch up on all those lost evenings and weekends and focus on family and friends – difficult to do at the moment I know, but I will be taking a big, long rest period and when the time comes for travel again I will be spending extended periods of time back in Australia.

The veterinary profession has changed significantly since I graduated in 1982 with huge advances in medicine, diagnostics and surgery. Over the last 10 years I have seen a change in the expectation level of clients too.

Your custom has been important for my business over the years and I am grateful for it. I would like to give special thanks to those of you who have been consistently polite and respectful to my staff over the years – I shall miss each and every one of you and your pets! Those of you who have taken the time to thank us with cards, biscuits, chocolates, wine, flowers… the list goes on… you have no idea how much your kindness and generosity helped us during the saddest of times or encouraged us during the most satisfying of times - when our patients were recovering from illness, injury or by responding well to treatment. Those sleepless nights were the worthwhile ones!

I would also like to thank the vets and vet nurses who have supported me during my career. They are too numerous to mention here and some have become dear friends – I look forward to the next time that we can meet up.

I am planning on some further training and hope to offer my knowledge and support to younger vets with their ongoing professional development so I shall still be about, popping up here, there and everywhere (Yes, definitely Australia too!).

I am leaving the practice in the capable hands of my trusted colleagues. They know that they can contact me for advice if they should need to. Please continue to support them and I do hope that if the Hillyfield’s Fayre is able to go ahead in June 2021 that we will see you there for the dog show and a bit of a party as I can’t have one now!

Keep safe everyone and give your pets a hug from me,


John R Hankinson BVSc MRCVS

John Hankinson Vets

9 Shardeloes Road New Cross London SE14 6NZ

0208 692 3030