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House Calls

House calls are available for cases that do not require a diagnosis or treatment at the surgery and we request that these are arranged before 10am on the day of the visit. We understand the need for some clients, when the sad time comes to say goodbye to their pets that this is preferable at home, in their own environment, and this is accommodated where possible, in every case.

The vets or nursing staff will be able to advise you as to whether or not a visit to your home will be suitable when you explain your pet’s problem - we are unable to carry out x-rays and blood analysis in your living room!

Every effort will be made to keep the allotted time but please do be flexible, we have no control over traffic situations or veterinary emergencies!

It is significantly more expensive to have the vet visit your home than it is for you to bring your pet to the surgery - fees for this service are available at the time of booking a home visit.


John Hankinson Vets

9 Shardeloes Road New Cross London SE14 6NZ

0208 692 3030