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Client Testimonials

  • I registered my beautiful cat, Naughty Boy, with the Clinic in December 2015 while he in his final weeks with terminal cancer. Was initially seen by Kate who was so proactive and helpful in ensuring that NB was receiving all he needed to remain comfortable while he was receiving chemo. Later seen by John who was very thorough and incredibly supportive and sympathetic to my personal circs and made sure we kept in regular contact as my baby's condition began to deteriorate. When the time came to say our goodbyes to NB, John's kindness and compassion towards him in his final moments was so moving. He also made sure we were ok too. We were very touched to receive a lovely sympathy card with personalised message from the Clinic soon after NB's passing, which just highlights the empathy and caring attitude of John and his team. With all best wishes for the success of the new extension.

    - Fauzia Ahmed

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  • I used to work for John as his head nurse years ago, he was the best vet I ever worked for, kind and caring towards animals and people alike, as well as skilled and knowledgeable...couldn't recommend highly enough.

    - Kim Jackman

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  • John Hankinson and the team have been fantastic in the past 19 years. They do everything for the care and love of the animal's. It's not all about the money! They are very passionate, sympathetic and so supportive when times have been tough. I thoroughly recommend this practice! Much love and thanks from Miss Harman, Thomas and Tabbatha xx

    - Lorraine Harmann

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  • An amazing practice with excellent facilities and staff - we cannot thank you enough for the fantastic treatment provided to our angry Persian by John, Kate and Rachel.

    - Lorraine Sharp

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  • John Hankinson is an excellent practice. I've been with them over 4 years and they have always taken very good care of my cat. The nurses are really helpful on the phone and the vets have been able to give advice over the phone saving us a trip in. They are flexible and accommodating and have been able to squeeze us in at the last minute on a number of occasions. John is knowledgeable, personable and professional and he has assembled a team who offer great Veterinary care and wonderful customer service.

    - Sam Shortt

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John Hankinson Vets

9 Shardeloes Road New Cross London SE14 6NZ

0208 692 3030